Peoria, IL

Visit Peoria, IL for High-Quality Jewelry and Service Provision

Jewelry is attractive, meaningful, and versatile. It is a fascinating means of artistic expression and personal representation. These are the reasons the team at Pettet Jewelry takes great pride in its expertise in the industry.

Whether we are discussing engagement rings, designing custom jewelry, or conducting jewelry repair, our knowledge of style, cultural significance, materials, and value is at the forefront of service provision. Visit our jewelry store in Peoria, IL to learn more about our products. Following is a brief overview of our products and services:

  • Custom jewelry. Jewelry is an art form that signifies personality and style. Whether we’re building a piece of jewelry from your components or ours, or simply personalizing a piece of jewelry for you, each aspect of the intended final product is carefully chosen and implemented with the goal of optimal customer satisfaction.
  • L’eau Courbe’E Mother of Pearl. This is a collection unique to Pettet Jewelry. The name means “crooked water,” a term that Native Americans used to refer to the Illinois River. The shells that comprise the collection are found along the river’s shore. Their color, luster, and other characteristics are then carefully assessed and can also be customized.
  • Engagement rings. In addition to wedding bands, engagement rings last as long as the unions they represent. As with the jewelry store’s other customizable jewelry options, engagement rings are created based on customer wishes. Stones, grades, sizes, metals, costs, and more are all carefully discussed.
  • Jewelry repair. Brad Pettet is the owner of Pettet Jewelry in Peoria, IL. His experience in and knowledge of the industry enable him to efficiently and effectively mend even the most complicated designs with durable welding techniques.

We have more to offer in addition to these services. Bracelets, watches, earrings, and charms are all options worth considering. With each visit to the jewelry store, you may consult with an expert member of our staff. We will take the time necessary to help you find what you’re looking for. Visit us today!