Jewelry Repair

Pettet Jewelry Designs Offers Top Jewelry Repair Services

At Pettet Jewelry Designs, we offer creative solutions to the most difficult repair problems. More often than not we can repair jewelry that other jewelers have said cannot be repaired or is not worth repairing. We understand the sentimental feeling that people have for their jewelry and would never say the jewelry is not worth repairing. We will always give you the cost of the repair and you can decide if it is worth the repair.

And every now and then, we’ve been known to work ‘miracles’ with our jewelry repair.” – Brad Pettet

Will all damaged pieces of jewelry, the following issues will be assessed:

  • Sizing. We can size any ring – gold, silver, platinum – with or without gemstones. We can solve most sizing issues with arthritic knuckles.
  • Settings. Flush, channel, or pave settings can become jarred or worn, loosening their grips on the precious stones they hold. Settings can typically be readjusted, repaired, or replaced for more security.
  • Chains. Breaks and kinks in chains are frustrating and can easily result in lost jewelry. Fortunately, links are easily repaired and this type of damage can be remedied in a timely manner.
  • Clasps. Malfunctioning clasps are frequent customer concerns. Those that cannot be repaired are easily replaceable.
  • Breaks. While it is relatively uncommon, metals composing fine jewelry can snap if not welded properly. Jewelry repair is a highly intricate procedure, which Brad Pettet, owner of Pettet Jewelry, is experienced at handling.
  • Scratches and other blemishes. Jewelry must be filed, buffed, and polished thoroughly and evenly when resolving existing imperfections. This process is the final step in all jewelry repair. Your jewelry will look brand new.

Preventative measures can be taken to minimize the chances of damaged jewelry. This may include resizing and regular cleaning. We are happy to assist in these areas in addition to our jewelry repair services in Central Illinois. Brad Pettet will consult with you regarding any needs and concerns for necessary repairs, or to help you customize your older items.

Visit us online to learn more about our quality craftsmanship and meticulous service provision. We look forward to sharing our industry knowledge in conjunction with thorough, professional, and convenient service.