Engagement Rings

Find the Right Engagement Ring at Pettet Jewelry in Peoria, IL

Just like your love is one-of-a-kind, so should be your bridal design. We will help you achieve this with consideration to the following:

  • Quality. When you visit our store, you will learn about the grading of diamonds. We will explain the diamond grading system in understandable terms and show you how these grades affect the appearance and value of the diamond. Then you can make the best decision for you and partner.
  • Color. White diamonds are stunning, but they are not your only option. Diamonds are available in many colors, and they are also quite popular. Consider blue, yellow or pink diamonds, for example.
  • Bands. Options for the wedding band itself include gold in white, yellow, or rose, sterling silver, titanium and platinum. An almost limitless selection of styles and patterns are available in all three colors of gold with or without diamonds or colored stones. Silver is an affordable choice, while platinum is most prestigious and typically most expensive. Titanium is a high-tech alternative metal that is affordable and preferred for it’s hypo-allergenic quality.
  • Style. We specialize in custom jewelry, so there are countless options regarding your style and design as well as choosing something from our showcase or using your family heirloom diamonds and gold in a new design to create the perfect ring.
  • Cost. Traditional expectations dictate that several months’ salary should be spent on engagement rings. At Pettet Jewelry we think you should set your own budget. We will help you find the perfect ring to fit your vision.

For the most informed decision when it comes to engagement rings, talk to us. If you are overwhelmed by the options, tell our team member all about your loved one. This may include taste in fashion, job, or favorite colors. He or she will take the time required to explore all possibilities. To begin, visit us online or at our jewelry store in Peoria, IL today.


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