Custom Jewelry

Custom Jewelry Options Available at Pettet Jewelry in Peoria, IL

Custom jewelry never goes out of style and is an ideal gift for any occasion. However, Custom jewelry means different things at different jewelry stores. At Pettet Jewelry Designs in Peoria, IL, you choose the method of customization based on your budget and vision. WE offer several avenues for the design and fabrication of custom jewelry.

Here are several Custom Jewelry options to choose from:

  • You choose from manufactured mountings and your own gem stones to design a unique piece.
  • You choose from your own gold, silver, or other mounting, and gems from Pettet.
  • You choose from manufactured mountings and your own precious diamonds and gems.
  • You bring in your own mountings and your own gems/diamonds to create a piece.
  • You choose a combination of manufactured parts & mountings to create a custom setting.
  • We can work together to build a piece from scratch using parts from a variety of sources.
  • We can redesign old or inherited jewelry items as well – to us, all jewelry is worth revitalizing to suit the needs of our customers.

Note: All components can be adjusted, adapted, and resized to suit your vision and budget.


At Pettet Jewelry Designs, we want you to be a part of every step in the custom design process – YOU are the designer. From inception of the design to approval of the model and finally the inspection of your finished jewelry.

 We color outside the lines!

Visit Pettet Jewelry in Peoria, IL to get exactly what you’re looking for. We are not merely a jewelry store – we offer jewelry repair services as well!