About Us

Exquisite, Unique and Made Just for You

Creating quality custom jewelry and providing individual customer experiences is the heart of what we do at Pettet Jewelry Designs. No two pieces of our jewelry are alike; we pride ourselves in delivering a unique design for every customer.

See examples of our pieces online, like our exclusive L’eau Courbe’e Mother of Pearl Collection and our custom Fordite Jewelry. Otherwise, talk directly with our jeweler to have a piece designed start to finish only for you.  We also do repair work and can rework your existing jewelry into something new.

Our History

Brad Pettet of Pettet Jewelry DesignsFounded in 1993, Pettet Jewelry Designs was created with the concept that a jewelry store should deliver extraordinary experiences for their customers. Brad Pettet, the founder and previous owner of Pettet Jewelry Designs, sought to offer his unique brand of jewelry to the Peoria area.

Pettet designed and sold his line of Jewelry by Bradshaw in Peoria Heights until 2019 when he decided to go into “semi-retirement.” Today, Pettet continues to lead as the area’s premier jeweler. He offers his services and custom jewelry designs to residents throughout Central Illinois.


What Makes Us Unique?

  • Our one-of-a-kind, made in Peoria designer jewelry line – Jewelry by Bradshaw
  • Peoria’s very own gem – L’eau Courbe’E Mother of Pearl
  • Our creative approach to jewelry design, repair and customer service
  • Our knowledge of fashion and ability to help you define and refine your style – whether we are designing custom jewelry or repairing jewelry, we understand materials, cultural significance, sentimental importance and value.

Our Jewelry

Each work from Pettet Jewelry Designs is a unique piece of art.  We take the time to hear what you want and use our experience to make it into reality. If you wish to start something from scratch or adjust what you already have, we can oblige.  We can also take your old jewelry and melt it down to make something completely new. While we specialize in custom designs, we also carry some exclusive pieces that you cannot find anywhere else, such as L’eau Courbe’e Mother of Pearl and our Fordite jewelry.

Jewelry by Bradshaw. Pettet Jewelry Designs has the only designer line of jewelry designed & manufactured locally in the Peoria area. Brad Pettet seeks out only the most unique and unusual gemstones from around the world and designs one-of-a-kind rings, earrings and necklaces that enhance and compliment the gems. You will also see colored gemstones in combinations that you never would have imagined.       

L’eau Courbe’E Mother of Pearl. You can’t get this collection anywhere else. It translates to crooked water, which is how the Native Americans described the Illinois River. Shells are collected along its shore and inspected for luster, color, and other characteristics. The shell is cut and polished, then coupled with gold, platinum or silver and sometimes, other gems to create stunning and “uniquely Peoria” jewelry.

Custom Jewelry. Jewelry is a personal expression of art that represents individual identity. We are happy to discuss your ideas and help you transform them into reality.

Jewelry Repair. Brad Pettet can effectively and efficiently repair the most intricate jewelry with the strongest welds. These repairs are generally completed when you need them.

Necklaces. When creating personalized jewelry, each component is carefully selected. Pettet Jewelry Designs strives for high-quality and precision to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction.

Fordite Jewelry. If familiar with classic automobiles, you might also recognize Fordite and Fordite Jewelry. Also known as Detroit Agate or Motor Agate, this stone is excess paint from assembly lines, and is used by Brad Pettet to create beautiful and unique pieces of art.

Although the pieces mentioned here are our more popular products and services, we have a wide selection available. We can also discuss designs for bracelets, earrings, charms, and more. When you call or email Pettet Jewelry Designs, you get to talk directly with Brad Pettet, your jeweler. With Brad, you will discuss our services, prices, and products including metals, stones, grading, sizing, and any other questions that arise. Happy customers make our job the best in the world.

A Word from Brad Pettet

Customer Experience, Quality, and Satisfaction are the cornerstones of how I do business.  I started Pettet Jewelry Designs with the idea that I could create a premier personalized retail jewelry experience. With my fondness for the unusual, I started experimenting with minerals and gemstones that were not generally used in fine jewelry.  Combining my work with my background in sculpture, I created a style unique to the Peoria area.  As my designs progressed, I began to play with even more colors and stones. The results yielded pieces that had a kaleidoscope of color which captured the eyes and imaginations of consumers. This collection of jewelry came to be known as Jewelry by Bradshaw, a sought-after fashion essential.  I guarantee the highest quality work and services for custom jewelry, Fordite jewelry, jewelry repairs and more.  I thank you for your patronage and look forward to creating your next piece of art.

Brad Pettet
Professional Jeweler and Creator of Jewelry by Bradshaw